ROKIOTOEX Stainless Steel Roof Rail Crossbars Fit 2016-2019 Ford Explorer Flush Side Rails (Silver)

ROKIOTOEX Stainless Steel Roof Rail Crossbars Fit 2016-2019 Ford Explorer Flush Side Rails (Silver)


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About this item
  • Fit Ford 2016 to 2019 Explorer with Flush Roof Rails
  • Apposite – ROKIOTOEX universal cross bars are excellently compatible with Ford Explorer with factory side rails 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019 brands.
  • Multiple Benefits – Supports 100kg loading capacity with 304 stainless steel supporting base to carry heavy and bulky luggage efficiently. The streamline water drop design minimizes wind resistance and noise, reduces gas mileage. Silver powder-coated finish for waterproof, resistant to rust and corrosion for durability
  • Dimensions & Installation – The roof rack cross bars featuring an easy and quick installation system for reduced downtime, stress-free. A soft rubber gasket on both ends of the crossbar prevents a scratch on vehicle paint.
  • 100% Guaranteed Shopping – At ROKIOTOEX, we stand by our rooftop cross bars to ensure you have a 100% customer satisfaction with support and stock in Canada, fast and safe delivery with 2 years warranty.

Fit Ford Explorer 2016-2019 Stainless Steel Baggage Luggage Racks Roof Racks Rail Cross Bar

Crossbar Color: Silver

100% Brand New In Stock, Item Exactly as the Picture Shown Excellent Fitment and Easy

Installment Package:
1 Pair of Crossbars & Install accessories related


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Installation Instruction:

Please download the installation document here

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What this fits

This model list only includes the confirmed models with default trim profiles from the factory, not include the customized trim with additional options. If the trim checking is not listed, please contact us to get further support. Some trim model might have a different profile than the listed here, Please confirm your vehicle has the factory roof rails or not if you are looking for a crossbar set only. The incompatibility problem without our confirmation is at the risk of buyer.

Make Model Year Trim
Make Model Year Trim
Ford Explorer 2016 Base Style
Ford Explorer 2016 Limited
Ford Explorer 2016 Limited HEV
Ford Explorer 2016 Platinum
Ford Explorer 2016 Sport
Ford Explorer 2016 ST
Ford Explorer 2016 XLT
Ford Explorer 2017 Base Style
Ford Explorer 2017 Limited
Ford Explorer 2017 Limited HEV
Ford Explorer 2017 Platinum
Ford Explorer 2017 Sport
Ford Explorer 2017 ST
Ford Explorer 2017 XLT
Ford Explorer 2018 Base Style
Ford Explorer 2018 Limited
Ford Explorer 2018 Limited HEV
Ford Explorer 2018 Platinum
Ford Explorer 2018 Sport
Ford Explorer 2018 ST
Ford Explorer 2018 XLT
Ford Explorer 2019 Base Style
Ford Explorer 2019 Limited
Ford Explorer 2019 Limited HEV
Ford Explorer 2019 Platinum
Ford Explorer 2019 Sport
Ford Explorer 2019 ST
Ford Explorer 2019 XLT

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