ROKIOTOEX Roof Rack Crossbars Fit 2005-2021 Toyota Tacoma Double Cab Aluminum OEM Style Black

ROKIOTOEX Roof Rack Crossbars Fit 2005-2021 Toyota Tacoma Double Cab Aluminum OEM Style Black


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ROKOTOEX Toyota Tacoma Double Cab 2005-2021 Roof Rack is designed and produced for Toyota Tacoma, thus the four bars or installation hardware is right for the vehicle roof, no worry for mismatching or bar becoming flexible.
Tips: This set does not fit any other vehicle model. Installation Instructions
1. Take off the original rubber strip
2. Remove the molding, show the mounting points
3. Take out front & back crossbar, screw left & right bar

Note: For 2020 Tacoma production date prior to 2-17-2020 do have an issue with the shark fin antenna, which was installed closer to the middle than other ones beyond the production date of 2/17/2020, blocking the rear crossbar fitting into the hole. Contact Toyota dealer for a solution.


About this item
  • Toyota Tacoma 2005-2021 DOUBLE CAB, No Instructions, No Need to Drill, you need to ask for professional installation.
  • Architectural grade aluminum alloy is anti-aging, anti-rust and anti-corrosion, rubber strip included for extra grip. solid construction for up to 165lbs loading capacity.
  • 2x (One set) Roof Rack and 2 Cross Bars Necessary hardware is included
  • Black powder-coated finish for anti-corrosion protection. Water-proof and Anti-corrosion. Streamline water drop design, effectively reduce wind resistance & noise, Perfect solution to transport bulky items (kayak/surfboard/cargo/bikes etc) on roof when you are on the go
  • 100% customer satisfaction guarantee with support and stock in Canada, fast shipping with one-year warranty Aftermarket adjustable roof rack crossbars. Roof rail and racking systems are commonly used on vehicles when additional storage is needed. In order to attach your gears to the vehicle’s roof, you will need a set of roof rail that normally bolts onto the vehicle’s roof. You will also need a set of crossbars that clamps or bolts onto the roof rail. With this setup installed, it allows you to hold kayak/luggage/ski boards/camping gears on the car roof when you are on the go. Low profile streamlines design, efficiently reduces wind resistance and noise. Can work with other roof accessories like bike/snowboard rack, luggage/cargo basket carrier, etc. Easy to install and remove in minutes, no drilling/cutting required. Just slide and lock at preset positions on stock sidebars. A secure set of roof racking systems is a must for all kinds of outdoor activities.
  • Fitment: Fits 2005 – 2021 Toyota Tacoma  DOUBLE CAB Aluminum Baggage Side Rails Bars Crossbars OEM Style

  • Color: Black
    Material:  Aircraft Aluminum Alloy
    Load Capacity: 165LBS
    Length: approximately 60.6″ x 1.6″Package Included:
    2x (One Set)roof rack cross bars
    Necessary mounting hardware included.
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What this fits

This model list only includes the confirmed models with default trim profiles from the factory, not include the customized trim with additional options. If the trim checking is not listed, please contact us to get further support. Some trim model might have a different profile than the listed here, Please confirm your vehicle has the factory roof rails or not if you are looking for a crossbar set only. The incompatibility problem without our confirmation is at the risk of buyer.

Make Model Year Trim
Make Model Year Trim
Toyota Tacoma 2005 Double Cab
Toyota Tacoma 2006 Double Cab
Toyota Tacoma 2007 Double Cab
Toyota Tacoma 2008 Double Cab
Toyota Tacoma 2009 Double Cab
Toyota Tacoma 2010 Double Cab
Toyota Tacoma 2011 Double Cab
Toyota Tacoma 2012 Double Cab
Toyota Tacoma 2013 Double Cab
Toyota Tacoma 2014 Double Cab
Toyota Tacoma 2015 Double Cab
Toyota Tacoma 2016 Double Cab
Toyota Tacoma 2017 Double Cab
Toyota Tacoma 2018 Double Cab
Toyota Tacoma 2019 Double Cab
Toyota Tacoma 2020 Double Cab
Toyota Tacoma 2021 Double Cab

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